Your brain is the first great coward

Our brain is, undoubtedly, the first great “coward”.

We are, by nature, reluctant to changes. Perhaps in an attempt to save energy, the brain does not question at all, the effectiveness of processes learned during childhood or our lives. He applies it simply, and not audit anything. He looks for his own energy efficiency, in their own benefit. But will it make him be the most effective one?.

Whether one day, because an extraordinary situation, we are forced to change our normal way that we usually take to get to work, we feel like our brain goes into a state very different from the usual warning state. We are able to drive to the work, every day, unconsciously practically. But that day is different.
Is this negative? I mean, is negative that our brain be a “coward”?, and, that he by nature tends to not change his routines?. It’s negative, only whether we tend to performance by same. Because, we need to think about the procedures we normally apply for planning, performance of tasks, resolve conflicts… all of them were developed in a concrete context that in this moment, perhaps has changed, and we have not realized that it did. In the present moment, where the communication is in real time, and where self-correcting software through is almost daily updates, we can’t remain passive and don’t audit our processes constantly. We will be obsolete, ineffective, against the competition, in a few months. And this is not cost effective for companies or for us, professionals.
I’m not trying to convince that we need a new continual professional recycling, that provably steal us all of the limited time we have to be with the family, or even for our own work. We only need to be by nature, less reluctant to change. And the practice will provide us with the ability to deal with changes less appallingly.

I propose you a simple exercise:


We need to change, all days, one of our personal life’s process. It’s very simple. If you make all days the same things when you are preparing your breakfast, you need to change that consciously. Change in all posible steps. Tomorrow change your way to drive up the shop, etc. Commit yourself, and to your brain, questioning the learned personal processes. This is not to force him to inefficiency, is about finding the effectiveness of all possible modes. It is to train us change naturally.

Now you need practise and, get pass this metodology, to your work environment. More than anything, because the speed is increased each time, and the slowest to adapt will be the last to arrive. Do you want this for your organization? . Train yourself!


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